September 22, 23, and 24, 2017
31st Anniversary

Past Events

Schedule of Events

(PDF Version of Schedule)

Friday, September 22 (Grounds Open 6 pm to Midnight)

6:00 pm Opening Ceremonies
6:00--11:00 Skerbeck Brothers Carnival
6:00--10:00 Silent Auction
6:00--10:00 Food Tent - St. Lawrence Grill Team
6:00--9:00 Crafts & Service Booths
6:00--9:00 CCW Bake Sale
6:00--9:00 Kid’s Game Tent
7:00--Midnight Las Vegas Games in The Beverage Tent
8:30--Midnight SPAZMATICS – 80s Hits Complete with Nerdography & Crazy Movements
(Individual seats and tables can be reserved for the Spazmatics using this form.)

Saturday, September 23 (Grounds Open Noon to Midnight)

11:00am--12:30 Children’s Talent Show Rehearsal (Talent Show Information)
Noon--11:00 Skerbeck Brothers Carnival
Noon--10:00 Silent Auction
Noon--8:00 Kid’s Game Tent
Noon--9:00 Crafts & Service Booths
Noon--9:00 CCW Bake Sale
1:00--10:00 Food Tent - St. Lawrence Grill Team
1:00 pm Spelling Bee Registration
1:30 pm-3:00 pm Knights of Columbus Spelling Bee Spelling Bee Information
5:00--7:00 Middle School & High School Activities
7:00--Midnight Adult Games in Beverage Tent
8:30--Midnight DROP 35 – Best Top 40 Cover Band in Michigan (Individual seats and tables can be reserved for DROP 35 using this form.)

Sunday, September 24 (Grounds Open Noon to 4 pm)

Noon--4:00 Skerbeck Brothers Carnival
Noon--1:30 Silent Auction
Noon--3:00 Kid’s Game Tent
Noon--3:00 Crafts & Service Booths
Noon--3:00 CCW Bake Sale
Noon--2:00 Children’s Talent Show
Noon--3:00 Food Tent - St. Lawrence Grill Team
1:30--2:30 Silent Auction Closing
2:30--3:30 Live Auction
4:00 Superfest Raffle Drawing, Grand Prize $5,000